Caldwell's Hitch Pad

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♥ Protects your shins everytime.
♥ Made from Vinyl Coated Foam Rubber
♥ UV Resistant
♥ Slips over most ball mounts and nuts.
♥ Leave it on while towing your trailer.

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$9.95  each
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Directions to Install Caldwell's Hitch Pad
It is recommended that you remove the ball from the ball mount. Insert The Hitch Pad and line up the holes. Reinsert the ball and tighten. The Hitch Pad can be installed by slipping it over the ball and then stretching it under the ball mount around the bottom nut. However if you choose this installation, you risk tearing apart the product. It may still work but the buyer assumes all risk for this type of installation. 
The Hitch pad is not intended to prevent injury or damage. It may be hazardous to your health if eaten, burned or used for any other purpose other than the sole purpose of acting as a pad on your trailer hitch ball mount.

Caldwell's Hitch Pad is made from vinyl covered closed cell foam. The only color available is black. You may special order Caldwell's Hitch Pad in colors. Call for pricing and quanities.